Friend was a horrible HVAC man

I like meeting new people. I like to find out all about their life stories, to get to meet their  families, and to learn what they do for work. Occasionally it’s simple to wrap your head around an unusual kind of job, but then other times it seems nearly impossible. For instance, our next door neighbor with his career as some sort of Heating and Air Conditioning specialist is quite confusing. I thought that I had a solid understanding of the stuff that comes along with being a professional heating and cooling expert, but the more I talk him, the less I suppose I know about Heating and Air Conditioning servicemen. You see, I was always under the impression that most ventilation experts work to perform detailed replacements and some routine Heating and Air Conditioning service throughout the year. I figured this included changing out old air filters, examining duct work, and stuff like that. That’s why it was so confusing last year when I mentioned an upcoming Heating and Air Conditioning service appointment to our neighbor. He responded with complete confusion and kept asking me for clarification about what routine heating services needed to be performed on such a regular basis. I tried to explain these basic repair services to him, but he only looked more dumbfounded. He asked if our air treatment plan was acting up and he said he would inspect it, but then just shook his head when I said it was for preventative repair to keep our Heating and Air Conditioning running in tip top shape. A few days ago I ran into him and asked his wife about his career as an air quality specialist… that’s when she told me that he’d only had the position a week before he got fired!

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