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I’m not sure if you’ve ever heard of the term “gaslighting,” but I can definitely tell you all about it. It is this phrase that refers to the psychological mindgame of making another individual suppose that they are going crazy. It usually appears in abusive relationships with manipulative people, but I can also tell you a story about my HVAC machine gaslighting me as well. It started gradually; I would be at my beach house doing chores throughout the day and then would rapidly feel a severe change in the indoor air temperature. I would go to the HVAC machine to make sure that the program hadn’t been accidentally adjusted, only to find out that the temperature settings were completely normal. Within an hour, the air quality would even out, and I would forget that the situation ever happened. This went on time plus time again for weeks before I took note of the unusual occurrence. Every time I was shocked to find that the HVAC machine had the appropriate temperature programming, although it seemed apparent that the HVAC unit was not operating. I was never bothered enough to call on our heating plus cooling supplier. I felt like I was going to lose my grip after a while; however, I really didn’t want to make a fuss about it. Finally, my fiance noticed the same unusual temperature fluctuations and made the call to our trusted Heating plus Air Conditioning specialist. It turns out I wasn’t going that crazy at all; our Heating plus Air Conditioning was in desperate need of rewiring. All of the components had been misfiring for several weeks.

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