Temperature control in my cellar

I used to make fun of all the wine snobs, but then I actually became something just as bad — a beer snob… I came into this truthfully, just following my love of beer to a natural, if somewhat elaborated, conclusion! The midst of last year I actually converted my basement into a beer cellar, and have since used it exclusively to store and maintain the quality of my exotic collection of beers from all over the world. I also have a little brewery set up down there, to make my own microbrew. To be fair I haven’t gotten it perfected yet. I recognize the problem might lie within the HVAC device I installed for the beer cellar. I purchased a great climate control device just to use for this room, and calibrated it to the scientifically proven ideal levels of temperature and humidity to stock beer. As it turns out, the climate control settings are different when you want to brew your own beer. I am fearful to admit it, but I am not entirely sure if my dedicated climate control system in the beer cellar can take on both tasks at once, and my only recourse will be to transfer the brewery apparatus upstairs. I think perhaps in the garage, where the HVAC device won’t be an issue. That is sort of a hassle, but it is much less trouble than trying to change the climate control device I have down there. It took such a great deal of work to set up all the air vents and air filters, to make the air quality and temperature level locked in at the ideal levels.

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