HVAC system in the store broke down

I was a child of pop culture, and consistently have been. TV, cartoons, comics, board games, what you name it, I have consistently been a hardcore devotee of all things pop culture! As an adult, I was entirely able to turn my silly obsession into a paying job! Now I run my very own store of pop culture memorabilia, where I get to buy and sell the things I adore. Fairly recently I just picked up a collection of original puppets from the Sesame Street tv show, which was a godsend. Running a store isn’t all fun and games though, and I have to do grown up things, too… Last month the HVAC device in the store essentially roke down, and I completely freaked out on my staff members. They didn’t see what the huge deal was, because they were just a little warm. I had to explain to them the major importance of indoor air quality and humidity, and how it could affect our delicate inventory. The climate control device in the store is not only for the comfort of our customers, or ourselves, it is also for the benefit of what we happen to be selling… In dealing with collectables and other ancient things, the air quality directly affects the quality of the merchandise… Without the air filters and the dehumidifiers, those puppets I just invested in might turn moldy and touched with mildew. I explained to all of my staff members that if I was not around, they needed to treat any sort of AC complications as an emergency and call me instantaneously.

HVAC component

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