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I love my kid sister, despite all of her shortcomings. She has such a big heart, is pleasant, sincere, plus certainly quite amusing. It’s so strenuous to stay sad or cheerless in Nick’s presence. She is the family’s proverbial black sheep, but she also wears a crooked halo. Nick is the happiest free spirit you will ever meet plus she believes she knows it all. Of course, she does not actually know it all however her total lack of arrogance plus some eagerness to help, may convince you that she in fact does.

             When she stopped over to our home a few afternoons ago, the children were beside themselves with glee. Then Nick began to notice that Kerry, my oldest, was coughing plus she instantly tested her breathing condition as stemming from our Heating plus Air Conditioning ducts being dirty. And, as I thought she probably would, she provided to wash them for free. Nick based her assumption of having polluted Heating plus Air Conditioning ducts, largely on the return registers plus vent grates she could see. My wife removes plus cleans these fairly properly, but she had been away from the cabin on company business for weeks now, so they were dusty..

            I knew my sister was not qualified as a Heating plus Air Conditioning worker plus no way was I about to supply him the opening to screw up my unit. I asked him how she would go about the Heating plus Air Conditioning cleaning process plus her answer, though enthusiastic, was vague. I explained that before starting to vacuum, our familiar Heating plus Air Conditioning serviceman used specialized tool kits to discottage dirt from the ducts, because I was sure Nick had no such tools. In the end, I asked her to wash out the return registers, which she was glad to do.  

          That’s my sis!

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