We need to save a buck

I’ve packed my bags, filled up the convertible with gas, and I’ve even loaded the pet into the back seat. Believe me, I am ready to drive away and never look back. I am so ready to move onto something better, and there’s only one thing that could make me stay. My partner needs to get rid of our smart thermostat, or I will move on for real this time. I know it sounds stupid, but just give me a chance to explain. I’m well aware that it was an absolute must to replace our HVAC unit. About 6 months ago, the furnace broke down in the middle of the night. My partner, John, and I have known for a while that we needed to replace the HVAC system in our home, but we were delaying the installation to save some money for our upcoming wedding. Finally, we had no choice but to hand over the cash for a brand new furnace and air conditioner. My only regret is letting John talk me into the smart thermostat installation. With the smart temperature control, John and I could monitor and/or adjust the air conditions from any location, so long as we had access to a cell phone or computer. Once we had the smart thermostat involved, I saw it’s convenience and utility, but John took it too far. He grew obsessed with checking and adjusting the temperature settings on his phone. Whether he was at work, on a date with me, or even watching TV on the couch, he never stopped checking the heating and air conditioning settings. Last night, I planned a very special dinner for us and John still insisted on checking the smart thermostat app over ten times! I finally put my foot down. If he doesn’t look up from the screen long enough to stop me from leaving, then I’m out that door today!

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