The temperature control box

I’ve recently been off work. Well, you could say that in the most traditional sense of the word. I really just stopped going to my boring office work in the name of following my passions. I have to say that I’m loving the transition so far; though, I’m not exactly doing what I love yet, it’s amazing to stay at home every morning with my own schedule. Even better, I love that I’m in full control of my working environment, including the temperature control. It’s so nice to be able to adjust the temperature control at my every whim, rather than having a corporation control the indoor air conditions for me. This freedom also got me thinking about how lucky I am to work indoors at all. Some people have to be exposed to the outdoor air conditions for their entire lives. I can’t imagine being at the mercy of temperamental weather, rather than having the power to control your own environment. I take our heating and cooling units for granted, especially when it comes to my work week. I have the ability to honestly modify any indoor air condition to my exact liking with only the push of a button. I can even make this temperature control adjustment from my smartphone, rather than having to visit the temperature control box. I have reliable and very accurate air conditioning units at my disposal all the time, but I barely even appreciate it most afternoons. There are all those years that I was complaining about sharing a temperature control with the entire office, when I should have been grateful for having temperature control at all!

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