This was epic

Holy cow, my shoulder is really killing me today! It’s all because I agreed to take on another one of my husband’s handyman projects–just another waste of time and energy! I’m sorry if I sound a little bitter with him right now, but he’s grown so addicted to this little saturday home improvement projects. It seems every week he has graduated to taking on a larger task. I was really looking forward to a calm and pleasant day consisting of some light reading, relaxation, and maybe even a walk around the neighborhood. Instead, I woke up to my husband giving me that “I-need-something” look. He approached me with a glint in his eye, and asked coyly if I would consider giving him a hand, before pointing towards the gas furnace cabinet. He wanted to renovate the small closet section with new paint and flooring, however that meant the two of us needed to get the outdated furnace out of the way first. So began the epic battle against the central heating system. See, as the two of us went into the gas furnace cabinet, it was clear that the air temperature control machine had seen better days. The furnace was basically a pile of rust, and the harder we tried to move the giant metal frame, the more it seemed as though it was one with the house. He and I pushed and shoved the air handling system, however had no luck budging the stubborn gas furnace even 1 inch. My husband and I tried chipping away at the rust and grime to excise the central heating instrument from its prison, however had no luck. Finally after several hours of this, I just decided to put my shoulder into it and give one big push before giving up… next thing I know, I have a dislocated shoulder.

central A/C 

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