They offered me a new room

I’d take a trip every month if I could. I live in a pretty small, quiet little town, but I really like travelling. For that reason, I love to try to get out and explore whenever I get the chance; like last month, I had a long weekend, so I managed to find a deal on a plane ticket to NYC. I decided to go at the last hour, plus I had a blast. The only downer to the entire weekend trip came when I got to the hotel room to find that the air conditioner leaked all day while I was out exploring. I was really annoyed, since all I wanted to do by that point was relax. Thankfully, when I went down to the front desk and told them what was wrong, they were really apologetic about it; instead of just fixing the A/C and being done with it, they actually transferred me to one of their best rooms, as an upgrade! I was so excited, but I was especially happy that the air conditioner’s issues didn’t ruin my weekend getaway. In fact, they made them even better! I really loved the trip, and I can’t wait to visit another place on the map the next chance I get. Seeing new places is one of the most exciting things you can do!

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