Don’t trust them to service the HVAC

I have a goofy couple of brothers, and I really do love them a lot.  It is just that they keep coming up with these quick ways to make a bunch of money and sometimes I question how honest they are with some of their schemes.  If he asks you to help him with something, you really have to scrutinize the job first to make sure you aren’t doing anything that could get you into a situation that could create a legal problem.  My one brother is just a pizza delivery boy, but he is easily duped, so he seems to be the first person that my older brother goes to, to get any help. Last week he came to me, and he asked me if I would do some social media work for him.  I asked him what he was doing and he said he wanted me to advertise his HVAC business. I gave him a ‘NO!!!!’, because he is not a HVAC technician, nor has he ever gone to school for HVAC. I don’t think he has any experience with diagnosis, repair, or installation of HVAC.  I would be surprised if he even really knows what it is, but he feels that it would be a great way to make money. I feel sorry for anyone who see his advertisements for quick HVAC repairs, and answers them. I’m afraid it is going to cost them extra money, and maybe a new HVAC system.  I don’t think I would even trust them to reset my thermostat for me. I wonder if I could give them a horrible review even before they start.

HVAC service program

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