We can hear the furnace running

Farming absolutely is most certainly something that all people aren’t meant to do but l learned this the hard way growing up. As a little boy, my Mom often made me help out around our family’s farm, she would insist that I take on a couple of chores each morning, and I can say I honestly hated doing them! I didn’t value being outside in the blistering heat for long periods of time, plus by the time I would finish my work, all I wanted to do was crash on the couch and soak in the cool air from the A/C. Mom would often get annoyed with me because I would turn the cooling system up as high as I could stand it, and if nobody was in the apartment to turn it back down, it would show on our end of the month light bill. After getting in trouble over the cooling system more times than I would have liked, I did what any regular teenager would do. I went out and bought a portable cooling system just for my room. I didn’t tell my mom when I bought it. Instead, I concealed it in my room so that I could run it whenever I felt it was safe without worrying about being caught! I felt when I would run it, my room would get cold like an ice box, and the rest of the home was still lukewarm. One morning however, I made the mistake of leaving it running while I went outside to check on something. When my mom went by in the hallway she immediately heard it running and went in my room to investigate the noise! Of course, she found the cooling system, and yes I got in trouble. However painful, these lessons surely taught me that I was meant to work in an office. Even now, when I get to work, I turn up the A/C system and have pleasure in the fact that I don’t have to work outdoors.

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