Not happy we don’t have a/c

I have an addictive personality.  I don’t mean that I have a predilection to taking drugs, or drinking or gambling, but I am prone to falling into and compulsively keeping up with my routines.  I really need to be careful with pacing myself in my personal and work habits. A lot of people have a lack of initiative and concentration when it comes to the humdrum of work.  On the other hand, I tend to get so focused on my work, that I tend to forget that there is anything other than my work. It isn’t even that I make a huge amount of money on my job, or I would have a reason for allowing it to consume me.  I work from home, and from the time I get out of bed until I am returning to bed, I am thinking and performing work. I don’t even want to go out of the house. This year, I allowed my husband to talk me into taking a weekend away. I took my computer with me so I could do some work, but he put it back in the house.  A long time ago, I realized that I needed to be verging on being cold in order to be productive. I have the thermostat to our air conditioning, turned so low, that my husband wears a sweater all of the time. Without the colder temperatures, I become distracted easily, but the cooling helps me to stay focused. I guess it is good to get away, and I’m glad my computer wasn’t here, because the HVAC system in the room didn’t work well enough for me to accomplish anything.

ac set up

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