Cranking up the air conditioner

     Just the other day I had to take my cat to the vet, and boy was it an ordeal! My dad went with me and when we arrived, I checked in at the front desk. I then was told that the wait would be about 30 minutes to an hour. My cat and I usually don’t have to wait that long, so because of this I obliged. After my father and I sat down, I noticed that the waiting room was noticeably warmer than usual. I decided to ask if the receptionist would mind increasing the thermostat for us. When I asked, he informed me that the Heating and Air Conditioning system in the front spaces of the building were no longer working. “Great,” I thought to myself. My cat was visibly not feeling well, and he had begun meowing so loudly that I thought it cruel to keep him in there. My dad decided to take the cat outside while I stayed inside and waited. I couldn’t understand why the vet’s office would let so many people wait in a steamy office without a working cooling system! Finally, my dad, my cat and I were called back for our appointment. In the examination rooms it was much cooler than where we previously were. I could really appreciate the cooling system pumping and the cool, fresh air coming through the vents. If only it had felt like that in the waiting room but the visit was quick, and the vet said that my cat was in great health. To me that was great news to hear, and as soon as we were done checking out, I rushed straight to the car. I couldn’t imagine wasting any more time in that sizzling waiting room! I turned up the cooling system in my car, and after dropping off my dad, I headed home. I’m elated that my cat and I only have to go there once a year. I don’t think we could handle another trip like that. My cat is much too spoiled!

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