We all enjoy the holidays

I constantly thought that long weekends were supposed to be fun plus wonderful treats, but I don’t think that mine usually end up being as enjoyable. I can remember several that involved contracting drastic illnesses, so I was trapped in bed covered in sweat plus vomiting for 3 days straight! Another one also comes to mind involving a burst pipe plus several dozen gallons of dirty water all over our living room floor. The most obnoxious long weekend disaster was this past Memorial Day, though. I was at home, preparing a wonderful lunch for our hubby, when I realized that it felt a little stuffy in the house. I went to the thermostat but found that the temperature setting was accurate. I lowered the temperature a few degrees, but didn’t notice a change in the air quality. The HVAC system did not seem to be turning on or pumping any cool air through the air vents, plus the indoor air temperature was continually increasing as the minutes ticked by. The family room was getting way too hot plus our hubby finally woke up to find the unfortunate situation. He called the nearest Heating as well as A/C unit dealer, but after calling several locations, we couldn’t find an available specialist. Because of the long weekend, everyone was on holiday or already tied up servicing other broken Heating as well as A/C systems, so we weren’t able to schedule a heating plus cooling specialist until at least Tuesday. All of us spent the whole weekend covered in sweat through our shorts in the sweltering heat. We had absolutely no a/c; so much for our “relaxing” long weekend!

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