We need more refrigerant

My neighborhood only has one local heating and air conditioning provider and they are very unprofessional. I say this because I never can get a HVAC specialist to our house.  They also don’t want to sell me any Heating and Air Conditioning products or accessories, do the replacement or HVAC repair. I’m not sure why we still use them. Right now I don’t have any other choice, because I need to clean our heating system and prepare for the springtime and get our air conditioner tuned up.  But no Heating and Air Conditioning professional will come to our house for these services. The Heating and Air Conditioning supervisor says they are too busy and I am on a two month waiting list. They say they will call me once they are able to fit me in before the two months. I have played this waiting game before. I have learned that their waiting list means they just want me to go away. I don’t suppose if I can do the heating system clean up and A/C inspection on my own. I have researched what to do online and it is complicated for a novice. I need to totally clean the heating system and inspect for any damage. I suppose the inner parts need to be dusted and oiled. There is a part called a heat exchanger that frequently rusts. I need to somehow check that to make sure it doesn’t need to be replaced. I don’t think I will even find this part. The air conditioner tune up does not look any easier.  For that, I need to get the mold off the cooling coil. I need to check the condensate drain for algae. The air filter should be changed and the coolant levels should be replaced. To begin with, I don’t even think I know how to open our A/C device. Right now though, my options are figuring it out on my own or just running the A/C with no service.

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