A heat pump unit

I have our friends over for a film night, in the winter, once a week.   We usually vote to choose a theme for the night! One month it might be a sexy guy theme. That night we would watch films with hot guys like Charlie Hunnam, Henry Cavill and Chris Hemsworth. One month might be a action theme. We would be ready to watch action thrillers like X Men films, Matrix and Terminator films! No matter the week, the setting is the same… all of us eagerly pile up in my movie room in front of our TV.  What is nice is that I have radiant floors throughout the house. Radiant floors use radiant heat to heat the home. The radiant heat also absorbs into stationary objects! So while the radiant flooring is on, the heat it warms the couch and chairs. So basically all of us get the comfort of heated seats. It of course, is super great to be totally comfortable and warm while seeing our film. Another perk of having radiant floors for during our film we don’t have to worry about the noise factor.   Most gas gas furnaces are loud. A gas furnace or fireplace has a blowers to distribute the heat and they make a lot of noise. A boiler and heat pump method is not much better either. Heated floors are set up under the floors so you cannot even hear the heating system turn on. Our night is not disrupted by our method of heating turning on. Also the air quality is clean and fresh because dust does not get into the heater. My guest can breath in cleaner air than they would if I had a gas furnace. My inviting home and stove popped popcorn are great. Honestly though, the film night is a success due to the radiant heating system.

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