Let some air quality inside

Each time Spring rolls around, I always get excited about the rare chance to switch off my furnace or air conditioning for a few weeks and get open up the windows. unfortunately for most of the year, in the south, using our air conditioning system, is absolutely essential. In fact, If I lived somewhere that didn’t have a proper working a/c unit, I would not live in the south. I would quickly pack up my belongings and head for somewhere where they at least have cooler seasons. Down here it is hot, and only gets hotter. There are those special  cool days for a couple weeks in Springtime, plus a couple weeks in fall. I absolutely cherish the fresh air that get to breathe in when the a/c is shut down for that short time.I have learned to appreciate and see nature as my friend. At least for a little while in the Springtime and a little while in the fall. There are times when I go through a bit of worry when it is time to close the windows again and get back to using the Heating plus A/C. I try to put this off as long as possible simply because I can’t get enough of that fresh air and those lower energy bills. Usually, I can go without the furnace much longer than I can without the cooling system. after all, when it is cold you can always just add on more layers or crawl under more blankets, on the other hand, when you are hot, you can only take off so much. once you’re hot, you’re hot.

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