The first level of our home

Growing up, few of us in my family had enough money to afford an air conditioner in our home.  I am the youngest of seven children, so my parents had a lot to consider for us to get by. My family was used to living without such luxuries, so it was not a huge deal for us.  In most aspects of life, everyone in our family shared everything with each other and we each found it important to look out for one another. Growing up with so many siblings teaches you values, such as the importance of family. This close proximity made us all undoubtedly close.  My family and I were able to get by even without the luxury of air conditioning. In our town, there aren’t typically many weeks of summertime weather. My family and I primarily experience fall and winter weather, with occasional spring and summertime weeks. However, during those weeks of summer weather, it can get very hot.  Since my family could not afford our own cooling unit, my mother came up with a solution to help us deal with summer mornings. Whenever it would get hot, she had us sleep on the first floor of the house. My family and I would move fans into the first floor common room, lay blankets out on the carpet, and all sleep together. Surprisingly, this worked really well.  Some days, I even woke up from being a bit cold. I didn’t understand how this was possible when I was a kid, but now that I am older, I understand how heat works. Heat naturally rises to the highest point of any building. During summer weather, heat would move up to the top floor of our house, making all of our bedrooms incredibly hot. Because of this natural rise, less heat was around on the first floor of our home.  This made it survivable to sleep through summertime nights without the need of a cooling unit. Although my family and I made do with what we had, I still wish we had a cooling unit for our upstairs bedrooms. With that said, we were all able to push through those summertime nights!

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