I’m very satisfied

One thing I like about my new job is that I’m always on the move. However I work outdoors a lot because I have to do property surveys; that means I’m never in the same locale for long. This is a major change from my old job. There, I worked from our office all of the time; I rarely had the opportunity to get out. I disliked that a lot, and the worst part of it was that our air conditioner was always giving us trouble. On top of not being able to get out and get any fresh air, the people I was with and I didn’t even have HVAC equipment that was able to deliver the fresh air to us! I was responsible for calling the heating and air conditioning contractor each time this happened, so I was forced to just keep his number on speed dial. After dealing with this issue for many months, I realized that I wasn’t enjoying my position. Instead of being able to focus on my own projects, I was always distracted by repairs and keeping the HVAC equipment running; Now, I don’t have to believe twice about heating and cooling units or appliances. I get to see modern and interesting parts of the county every day, and I am always meeting new people. This is the kind of work for me because I really enjoy being on the move. Now, when I get home to the lake house every day, I am totally satisfied with myself. I’ve found that I’ve become much more energized and confident. Everyone should have a career that makes them feel this way!

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