Figuring that money is safe

My vehicle is not in fantastic shape. Though I purchased it brand current twelve years ago, I have racked up some dire miles since then. I don’t work far from where I live, so I am just hoping that it will be able to make the commute for the next year until I have saved enough to buy a current model car. One thing that has been pretty strenuous to deal with has been the lack of an A/C system. However when the coolant pump went out a couple of weeks ago, I decided to just hold off on having it repaired. I just figured that the money I would use to have it repaired would be much better used if I put it towards the current car, and now my commutes to work are a little warmer than usual… This experience has made me realize that an A/C system really is an integral feature/. Sometimes when I get to the office I’m already sleepy because I’ve had to battle the heat. I usually have to stop by the restroom plus make sure I look alright before getting started. When I finally get the current model vehicle I will be so excited to have a fully functioning A/C system. I will never take my vehicle or its A/C for granted again, plus I will be much more thoughtful about taking care of it plus having it inspected. The next vehicle is going to have to last me a while, so I’m going to do what I need to to keep it running.

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