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I work for an SEO firm & all of us have many high profile patrons! I entirely adore my work & I have luckily been able to transfer up the ranks in only 5 years of working at this firm. I have entirely had to put in a great deal of work though. I have worked over forty hours a week for as long as I can recall & I don’t remember the last time I was able to have a getaway trip. That is all just fine though because I have finally gotten a major promotion & I can start taking on my own patrons without having to have any supervision in the least. This is a large step in my career & I am rather excited. I started to talk to my boss about what this new promotion meant & he said that I could start to run my own meetings very soon. The first client I was taking on myself was a pretty substantial Heating & A/C corporation. This Heating & A/C business has a fairly nice reputation in our town & has been growing in the market. They want to take their Heating & A/C SEO to the next level & start to make actual ads to put out on the air ways. I have started to put together a brilliant SEO idea for this Heating & A/C business & I suppose they will start to see their business grow significantly in the next couple of months. I am excited to work with this Heating & A/C business as my first client & see what great SEO advertising can do for their business. I suppose this is the start to a charming partnership!

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