I do like my job

I work for a family that has quite a few children. I have been babysitting for this family for about six years, since the oldest baby was born. I actually know the family through my parents & I really feel lucky that I am able to work with such a nice family on an annual basis… They genuinely do take care of me & I really enjoy working for them! However, their children can be a real hassle sometimes. It is tough to keep them occupied & I always have to keep a watchful eye on them. They will pretty much get into anything they can & can’t be without supervision for even a minute. I had to learn this lesson the tough way. One day, I was in the kitchen making sandwiches for supper & the kids were playing in the family room which was directly next to the kitchen. I felt that I was close enough to the kids that I would be able to hear if they were having any sort of complication, but apparently I was wrong. They basically started to play with the temperature control component because they thought it was a toy. They started to change the temperature on the Heating & A/C appliance so hastily that the Heating & A/C appliance stopped working entirely. I knew their parents weren’t going to be pleased about this because fixing a temperature control component was a very overpriced ordeal. I tried to service the Heating & A/C temperature control component myself, but I didn’t have any luck at all. So I called the parents & told them what happened. The mother was quite angry, although she said she would call the Heating & A/C company soon.

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