I am very un-happy

Living in the South easily has its perks. The temperature is never frosty and we don’t have a traditionally white Winter season. I love that I am able to go to the beach in February and not have to fret about being frosty while I am there. Many people love to experience a white Winter season with plenty of snow, but I don’t care about that in the least. I look forward to hot temperatures all year long. It is something I have consistently liked about living down south… However, there is one certain thing that is not so great about living in a space where the temperatures are consistently warm, which is the humidity! Sometimes the humidity down here is completely overpowering. It is taxing to breathe sometimes because the air is so very thick. I easily wish that we would catch a break from the constant humidity but that has not really been the case in all twenty five years I have lived down here. One thing that is especially frustrating about the humidity is the simple fact that you constantly have to run the a/c appliance. There isn’t a season living in the South where the a/c isn’t functioning. I guess that I seem to be wasting a lot of money and energy running our a/c consistently, but you have to control the humidity! I asked our local HVAC supplier the best way to control the crazy humidity and they said the a/c was definitely the best way because it kept the air flowing and moving around our dwelling.

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