It is tough for me to get along

Knowing from experience it’s terrible  to butt heads with a father in law, so thankfully  I can get along with my husband’s parents, they visit us often because they are investing in the neighborhood  where we reside. So you can imagine how hoffivic it would be to host them monthly if we didn’t see eye to eye! The one big issue with our in laws is that they are from FL. No offence FL, but it’s a peculiar world. One thing is they have no experience with cold winter weather. They literally have this one story about trying to drive in the snow.  Where for me and my husband it’s a way of life here in the north. They think it’s chilly outside if the temperature dips to 70 degrees, while our threshold is about 46 degrees. They also have not much experience with using central heaters systems. We all found this out when they almost fried us alive last weekend! When they arrived at our home the outdoor temperature was around 60 degrees.  We had our furnace on a low setting at 69 degrees. I thought the condo felt perfectly comfortable, apparently they disagreed. All four of us woke up in the middle of the night to find that the place was a hot 87 degrees. I had no idea what happened! Finally our in laws owned up to adjusting with the thermostat. Apparently, they were too chilly that night and assumed the A/C was on, that’s all they know. They turned up the thermostat so the air conditioning would turn off and managed to turn the furnace up to full blast. At least they were nice and toasty warm.

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