We are obsessed

My cousins are characters, and they came to visit this month and it’s been a definitely different time visiting with them. They’re from the south of the NV desert close to Area 51.  I’m not positive they haven’t been replaced by aliens. They have crazy different personal habits and tastes. Further it sometimes it seems as if we’re speaking different languages. I even saw my cousin Andrew talking to a fuzzy TV screen as if he was corresponding back to the homeship. I mean, he may have been talking with his foreign boss over the television.  But, I’m more inclined to guess my cousin was conversing with their lizard overlords. Tell me it isn’t skeptical, for example,my cousins are obsessed with being toasty warm. They are constantly reporting to me how chilly they are even when it’s over 69 degrees outside. They get slow and lethargic when this happens and it’s as if their bodies aren’t able to generate their own heat. That sounds an awful lot as if they were cold blooded reptiles to me. I also thought it was peculiarly  different that they had never been exposed to a central heating system before the other afternoon. Here they were, sprawled out about my home half sleeping and constantly complaining of the cold. I offered to crank up the oil furnace and as soon as the warm air began coming through our air vents my cousins began to move around and eventually came back to life. It was not long before they were inquisitively surrounding my thermostat carefully reading the gas furnace display and shifting the temperature up and down. Sure, it could be understood that they simply didn’t know because of never seeing central heating in NV.  However, I’m totally saying they’re reptile aliens.

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