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I’ve constantly lived in rental apartments as an adult. Since moving out of our mom’s house at the age of 20 years old I’ve been living with weird roommates in rundown buildings in order to get by. I haven’t minded those living situations. They have been somewhat convenient and since I never had to worry about maintaining any of the appliances or major stuff like the HVAC unit it’s worked out pretty well. I totally should have checked to see if the arrangement was similar when I recently switched from renting a crappy apartment to a home because now I’m facing significant cooling or A/C repair bills on my own money.  You see, it was last week and the a/c started making really loud sounds. I thought it was odd and considering I’ve only recently started powering up the A/C system because the outdoor temperature was unbearably hot. The component was shrieking so loud and pumping out subpar air flow into the house. So I had to call the rental business agent to get the Heating plus A/C repairman to come over. It was when they arrived the heating and cooling specialists were quick to inform me about several repairs that need to be done to the cooling system. Despite the fact that I wasn’t distraught I assumed the rental business would be assuming this bill.  Seems I was mistaken and it turns out I was supposed to have routine monthly maintenance on the entire HVAC system. It was written in the lease I signed a year ago. I was so upset when I heard this news and I don’t remember signing up for a rental to take on their maintenance jobs! Now they’re telling me I’m responsible for the repairs, if not an entire A/C unit!

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