The temperature is moving a lot

For as long as I remember I’ve loved to  care for things! So having pets of all sizes ranging from miniature hamsters to horses is norm. However, my greatest pleasure in life is providing the best love to my little friends. Even through thick and thin and that’s why it was  sincerely devastating the other day when my HVAC failed and death occured in my own family room. I was going out of the neighborhood on a trip and prepared for my house for my departure. It was a the start of the warm spring season. So I had turned the furnace down to a low level and made sure the heater was operating just to keep the pipes from freezing and busting on if the weather turned to the freezing weather of a few weeks ago.  Of course, this is exactly what happened, we were hit with a Winter storm only 3 days into my trip. Truthfully, I thought I had taken extra care preparing everything and the place should have been fine. But dang if I was wrong. I came home to a freezing cold, literally freezing home. The temperature control unit was only 32 degrees when I walked in the place. I was completely caught off guard! When I examined the thermostat I found that the HVAC control unit was offline so the gas furnace was no longer connected with the temperature control device. I was so frigging frustrated with having to call the Heating & A/C repairman as soon as I had returned home, however, even more upsetting was finding all my dead fish who perished into a solid block of ice.

heater repair 

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