That was an easy drive

When I was a little kid growing up in the mountains, I went to a little old timey church way up on a hill. It’s pretty hard to get there. You have to drive straight up an old gravel road and there’s a cliff off of one side and a sheer rock face going straight up on the other side. It’s not exactly a simple drive! Plus the dust from the unpaved road blows through the air vents of your car. It makes you all dusty as well as dirty before you ever even get to church! Once you do get there, though, it’s worth the drive. When I was a kid, we never had A/C in the church, and that’s because we didn’t actually need it. Since the church building sits up on a hill way on top of a mountain, there’s constantly a slight breeze blowing. Also, the high altitude keeps the temperatures nice as well as cool. We would constantly open the stained glass windows up so the breeze could come in. Occasionally when it was the middle of summer season, we would have to turn electric fans on, however that was it. The church didn’t even have window units in any of the class rooms. I can’t imagine going to a church without A/C now, though. It seems like a state of the art Heating & Air Conditioning device is a must in every church nowadays. But  back when I was a kid, we didn’t have anything like that. We’d just have to use God’s A/C.

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