A new heating unit

My mother and father are unquestionably thrifty people.  They love to save on everything they possibly can. This includes everything from food to home repairs to furniture.  I can’t understand how they have the patience to bargain shop all the time, but it works for them. It was frustrating as a kid because my parents never let me buy the new clothes I picked out; I had to typically wait for it to be on sale at the Bargain Hut; Last year, my parents were having trouble with their gas furnace.  It wasn’t working to its fullest effectiveness, so they were getting distraught. Finally, the furnace shut off completely. It was still Fall, so my parents thought they had time to shop around for a cheaper price. They searched on the internet for someone willing to repair the system. They stumbled upon someone that could come by the apartment the next day.  The repairman didn’t seem to know what he was doing from the start. Parts were flying everywhere, the apartment smelled like smoke, and he was working for 6 hours. After various hours, he quit, he had the audacity to ask for cash, but my Mom threw him out. My father called for a professional repairman the next day and it took weeks before they could come by the apartment.  Wintertime was coming, so they were distraught about not having warm heat. When the repairman arrived, he informed my parents that they were in need of a modern furnace. If they had called a professional from the start, perhaps they wouldn’t be in need of a modern furnace! I guess they received a valuable lesson; you should never cut corners on a heating repair.

furnace repair 

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