I don’t want to be in trouble

For the last few months, I have been asking my husband to call the HVAC company so the two of us could get some needed cooling system service, and it was during the Springtime, so he must have  figured there was scads of time to get to the cooling system check up taken care of. Well, the two of us had a crazy heat spell out of the blue. I thought he might have had the cooling system check up already done and taken care of so I switched the temperature control to cooling one afternoon.  It was really hot, the cooling system wasn’t totally working awesome at all and so I asked my husband if the cooling system tune-up was taken care of. He apologized and said he just was putting it off and never got to it! It was so sticky and the cooling unit was barely genuinely humming so I called the HVAC company on my own. They were booked solid, and I couldn’t get an HVAC specialist for about five nights. Sadly, the two of us had to go to using stationary fans during that period of time, and it was so very hot for those five nights, then my husband kept saying he was sorry about not getting the HVAC system service done, even when I said there was zero the two of us could do about it now, I told him not to worry about it. I suppose he really was learning his lesson though for the two of us had to suffer due to his forgetfulness. I would have happily done it myself, but I’m forever tied up with work and he stays at the house, so he really had no excuse not to have it done. I’m sure in the next season, this may not be a problem.

heater tune-up 

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