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For some weeks, I have been giving so much time to finding a new job, it’s absolutely starting to impact my other projects! You see, I’ve been looking high and low for a salaried position that would suit me, but haven’t had any luck finding the right one thus far… I’m starting to believe that I have no future and a new job will never present itself, but something inside of me keeps whispering “Heating and A/C supplier.” For many years I have been independently studying heating and cooling system technologies, and budgeting for a modern air quality system at home.

          I find the furnace and A/C units on sale today ,to be incredibly interesting, and I know everything there is about the inner functioning of traditional heating and cooling equipment. I have learned how to maintain our own central air treatment plan, and it runs perfectly, without the help of a professional Heating and A/C supplier. It also helps that I bought the most high tech air temperature control system available today. I enjoy our amazing radiant radiant floors, energy star rated A/C unit, and smart control thermostat more than anything else. I wish I could share this beautiful indoor air to almost everyone I know, and to earn a buck doing it.

             The only complication is that this work path will require additional schooling, but that means I can’t begin my heating and cooling work instantly, which hurts my bank account to think about. Probably if I hadn’t spent so much currency souping up our current high tech heating and cooling system, I would be able to start Heating and A/C trades school.  

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