We would like better zone control

I always prefer to walk every day.  I absolutely love being outside in addition to I try to stay in the habit of exercising always.  I continue this ritual even when I travel, and it’s a great way to get to know the area in addition to see sights that I may not see while driving.  One particular summertime, while I was going to visit with a family member, I slept in much later than normal so the day was already sizzling in addition to humid.  I didn’t want to change my normal routine so I decided to walk even though it was extremely warm. I don’t truly know how far I particularly walked that day, however when I got back, I was dehydrated in addition to overheated.  When I arrived inside of the house, my uncle could see that I needed to cool down in a hurry! Fortunately for me, he had just replaced his HVAC method in addition to was now using a smart control unit. He actually has many control units for zoned heating in addition to cooling, and with the zoned system each control unit controls heating in addition to cooling for all the areas of his dwelling. He uses a zoned system where both control units control the same system.  This is rather useful for him since his family enjoys sleeping with the control unit set at a very low temperature. The zoned system, allows air to be directed to the kitchens in addition to blocks off the air flow to the other rooms of the dwelling. Since both control units control the same HVAC system the zoned system uses dampers in the HVAC ducts throughout the dwelling. When the kitchen requires cooling, the damper for that zone opens up, directing the cool air to that zone.  Luckily for me, my uncle led me to the kitchen where I could get cool air separate from having to lower the temperature for the entire dwelling or inconvenience the other members of his family who were seriously comfortable with the temperature setting in the rest of the dwelling.

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