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I have been married for a little while now and still often have questions about my hubby’s behavior in various situations.  One of his habits is that he over plans and anticipates the worst possible outcome in quite a few situations. My hubby explained that he was completely allergic to several things as a kid.  His parents were especially particular with him about what he ate and where he was allowed to play. In fact, they were pretty exhaustive and protective about most everything. Even though he outgrew most of his terrible symptoms, he still finds himself obsessing over the potential of being exposed to pollutants and debris.  We live in a warmer temperature so he goes through some discomfort from high pollen levels. I knew that the air quality of our condo would be a significant problem of his when we purchased our first condo together. We decided to go with a brand new build, however within a month of living in the house, my hubby desired to have the ductwork cleaned out.  He believed that all sorts of contaminants and pathogens would build up in the system if it was not respectfully maintained. I knew not to fight with him if a single month was too soon to have the Heating & Air Conditioning appliance maintained and instead enlisted the expertise of a Heating & Air Conditioning specialist to explain if this was a completely necessary process.  The service tech provided us a list of items that would warrant needing this service so quickly after we built the dwelling. One of the items was visible mold growth on the metal surface of the ductwork. Another reason would be If our ducts were absolutely infested with rodents or insects. The last reason was if ducts were congested with excessive amounts of dust and debris that were absolutely being released into the condo from our supply registers.  This thorough explanation satisfied my hubby for now.

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