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John resided in London his entire life.  He totally loved the culture of the city, the people, & even the weather.  Many people would always complain that London was dreary, even though he enjoyed the gray skies immensely.  He prefer the ambience they would provide. After completing his education though, he decided he’d love to see the world.  So he applied with an agency that would place au pairs into American dwellings, providing a wonderful opportunity to work closely with an American family & see new things as well.  When his assignment was given, he was ecstatic to see that he’d be working in the northeastern area of the nation. The weather should be quite similar to what he was used to. He arrived in the spring, & moved into his new dwelling.  It was an older Victorian dwelling with numerous stories. His room was on the second floor. There was no central air conditioning appliance in the house, just window air conditioning units in the playroom & nursery on the top floor, even though he didn’t mind all that much.  He’d never owned an air conditioner in the past. Once Summer hit though, the heat began, & he needed to buy a portable fan for his own bedroom. One day he woke up to the baby crying upstairs. When he investigated the situation, he realized the air conditioner in the nursery was not working, & it was quite overheated.  The air quality was horrible. His directors were away for a few afternoons, so he needed to call the local Heating & A/C provider & get a Heating & A/C worker in there quickly. When he arrived though, he told him he didn’t deal with portable air conditioning units, & that they would need to call the manufacturer. He brought the baby down to his room & turned on the fan.  If he ever decides to move to America, he’s seriously going to be installing a central heating & cooling appliance in his house!

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