We did not spend much time together

My brother, Justin, was recently divorced from his partner.  It’s all for the best I believe. Both of them seem quite a bit happier now.  But for a while, there were a lot of particulars to have sorted out. They needed to sell their dwelling plus decide who was keeping which furniture, which car.  But now they’re both enjoying their new lives immensely. Justin told me they went out to breakfast last week, plus had a really great time. I’m glad they’ll continue to be friends.  I went with him to look for a new locale, plus he bought a really affordable condo; it’s numerous stories tall plus an end unit. As far as we were able to tell, the previous owners took pretty good care of it.  Last month though, he called me plus told me there seemed to be a huge leak in his ceiling. When I went to take a look at this leak, I saw a sizable wet stain up there alright. Summer had just gotten started plus we really hadn’t had much rain recently.  I suspected his air conditioner could be leaking. When I climbed up into his crawl section to check things out, I saw I was correct. I’m no a/c specialist, so we called up the local Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C company in order to get a Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C worker out to take care of everything.  Turns out the previous owners hadn’t kept up on their a/c service in the least, plus the entire system needed to be fixed… Justin didn’t have a whole lot of currency to spend on his AC, so I told him I’d cover a whole heating plus cooling appliance checkup, plus get him signed up for a Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C service maintenance plan.  I’ve dealt with plenty of problems with my heating appliance plus my air conditioner to know that service is vital.


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