the furnace is working

Last year for Christmas, my parents decided to buy me several tickets to see my all time favorite band in concert. I have a group of best friends… My parents saw to it that we all could go together! The concert wasn’t until the middle of January, so I had to wait a little while. It wasn’t an easy time, because we were so anxious to go. This was my first concert, plus many of my friends had never seen live songs either. Since the concert was way out there in the city, we had to travel by train. My parents were a little bit worried about the 45 minutes trip, but they trusted us. The train ride was seriously cold. I thought there would be a furnace working on the train. The weather outside was ice-cold, but I didn’t want to carry a jacket all evening long. I dressed in my concert attire. The event was going to be indoors, plus I was dressed in jeans plus a light t shirt. My buddy had a sweatshirt plus a jacket, so I was able to borrow his sweatshirt for the ride. The concert was a great deal of fun, plus I was warm enough. I suppose they even had the air conditioning appliance running inside. When we strolled back outside, there was several inches of snow on the ground. More was falling heavily to the ground, at a rapid pace. I was so freezing, plus we had to ride back home on the train. I was incredibly cheerful when the train showed up, plus it had a working heating appliance. The train ride home was actually warm plus cozy. The furnace vents above my head were pumping out toasty air. The ride back home was way better than our trip to the destination.  

heater installation 

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