The air conditioner was broken

My father passed away many years ago, and our mother has been alone since then… My brother and I live close by. We are especially busy with work and the children though, but both of us try to visit Mom at least a few times every week. It can become busy from time to time. Periodically, I stop by for breakfast and check on our mom. Just a few days ago, I stopped by around breakfast time, and I had the day off. I was going to take Mom for some breakfast at her favorite diner in town, however when I showed up, Mom was passed out on the couch. It was incredibly sizzling in the dwelling, and Mom did not have the a/c operating at all. I walked into the hallway, to adjust the temperature control component and turn on the a/c. Nothing happened when I powered on the a/c appliance. There was absolutely no flow of frosty air in the dwelling at all. I talked to our mother about the a/c appliance, and she explained it had been broken for days. My mother was drenched in sweat, and her face was entirely red and flushed. I took out my cell right away and called our local HVAC provider. My mother argued, however I did not listen. A few hours later, the HVAC provider showed up to her front door. He checked over the a/c appliance, and found the issue. In less than an hour, the a/c appliance was distributing cold air throughout the dwelling. I don’t actually know how long our mother went without a/c, but I’m thrilled we could get the system working again today.

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