I was pretty stoked

My good buddy & I turned sixteen, quite some time ago. Ever since then, both of us have been looking for a part-time task position. The summer season is practically here, & both of us wish to receive cash for a car. Some of our friends already have tasks as well as cars. I wanted to receive enough cash to purchase a nice car, before the school season started all over again. We filled out applications all around town, and last weekend, we were called for an interview. The new burrito joint was seeking cashiers & food truck workers. My bud & I both got interviews on the exact same day. The following Sunday, both of us both got hired. I was seriously stoked to task with my friend, but both of us got stuck working in the overheated food truck. The food truck sold burritos, quesadillas, & a variety of alacarte food items. We had steak, chicken, black beans, and also vegan burritos… All of the vegan burritos came without cheese, sour cream, & ranch. Throughout the day, it was severely tepid in the food truck. We didn’t have any air conditioning appliance at all. We often left the back door open, so we could catch a breeze in & out of the truck. A week after we got started, the owner had the air conditioning appliance in the food truck fixed. A couple of employees had been whining about the exhausting air quality. After the air conditioning appliance was finally fixed, my buddy & I were the first pair to be working the food truck. The air conditioning appliance absolutely felt great, & both of us had numerous air conditioning appliance vents above the prep table. It was still somewhat humid inside, but the cool breeze sure did help a lot.

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