We’re all freezing

I prefer our job, mainly because it allows me to work from home. This is an amazing change for me. I never realized before how much I truly hated having to rush out the door every day to go sit in an office building. I was there for no reason, and I was counting the things I’d rather be doing at home. It felt as painful as torture to watch the minutes tick by, knowing I had so several other activities that I could be tackling. I can get everything done and schedule my entire work day around our own life now. The hardest part of the whole job is sitting still for several seconds on end. I tend to get legitimately, legitimately cold when I’m sitting in one place, and even with the ability to change the control unit, nothing seems to resolve our problem. I have tried bumping up the indoor air temperature a few degrees, but assume absolutely guilty for the amount of energy I’m wasting, however the extra warmth doesn’t seem worthwhile when I’m paying to heat up the entire house! Every time I hear the gas heating device chugging along, I get largely upset and immediately start thinking of our energy bill. I’ve tried to wear extra layers instead of using the gas heating device, but even with extra overcoat, socks, and gloves, I still catch a chill when I’m staring at our laptop. The cost of the gas heating system our house uses during the weekdays never even crossed our mind before. I entirely had no idea that the gas heating system would cause me so much stress.  


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