Hosting friends

Every time I have guests over, I love to ask a couple of things of them to help ensure they’re respecting our dwelling. For starters, while I suppose it isn’t customary here in the US, I must insist that guests take their shoes off at the door. I don’t want to risk them tracking in mud in addition to germs. Inside I have slippers, which I scrub after each use, for guests to wear if they aren’t wearing any socks, so they don’t have to go barefoot. I also insist that if they use our bathroom in addition to use the remaining toilet paper, that they are considerate enough to either change out the roll themselves from the supply in our bathroom closet or to at least let me know about it so I can update the roll right quickly. But it isn’t as though our dwelling is just full of rules for merely guests. I love making our guests comfortable in addition to to have them feel completely at home. One way to do this is to make sure any guest in our lake dwelling has full control over our air conditioner in addition to heating. As a matter of fact, I rarely use our A/C at all unless I happen to have a visitor. It is a comfort I try to reserve for only the guests, in addition to it helps to keep me from running up our electric bill by running our air conditioner whenever I feel like it. I’ve certainly invited friends in addition to family over before in the past just to have a wonderful excuse to run our air conditioner, to get our dwelling to a comfortable temperature for our guests! But, as I see it, letting guests have control over our temperature control is the least I can do for having them follow our rules so we’re all blissful in addition to feel at home in our dwelling.

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