Spending some time together

When I was young, our family didn’t have a ton of cash.  My father worked at the local power plant, plus our mom stayed at our dwelling with us adolescents.  We didn’t whine all that much though. Every one of us shopped at thrift stores plus was able to find stuff there that was almost as fine as buying from regular department stores.  My mom kept an impeccable dwelling, constantly straightening plus cleaning the interior, while our father was basically in charge of service problems plus the outdoors. We loved hanging out seeing our favorite TV shows or playing games at the family room table.  One year though, our father had to pick up some extra shifts because cash was getting really tight. He wasn’t even home much plus didn’t have a lot of time to keep up with the dwelling problems. I was just a kid, so I didn’t realize that not keeping things checked out could lead to a major disaster.  He didn’t have time to do regular air conditioner maintenance, like replacing the air filters plus cleaning the HVAC ducts properly, plus hadn’t had a Heating plus Air Conditioning serviceman out for a yearly service call for at least a few years. Well, one morning we woke up to a huge pool of water in our basement.  It ruined tons of boxes plus other things, plus our temperature control was reading 87 degrees. It was quite a frustrating situation. We certainly didn’t have enough cash to call in a heating plus air conditioner specialist, because we figured we’d need a whole current Heating plus Air Conditioning appliance, so we essentially had to deal with it.  We picked up a few portable window A/C units for the bedrooms. For the course of the entire warm season, we each hung out in our own rooms so we didn’t have to suffer. Our family didn’t spend much time together anymore, all because we hadn’t kept up on service to our heating plus cooling appliance.

HVAC system 

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