Taking my stuff somewhere new

As a more “new-agey” type of business environment, the corporation I work for has some especially lenient policies on where plus how its employees are permitted to do their work. Honestly, a great deal of the time spent in the office is easily just employees goofing around all of the time. However, there comes a time when all the people must pump out work to get everything done before certain deadlines, plus it’s during these times when all the people are most productive, myself included. During these times I don’t tend to work at my regular desk space! Out in the main workroom, all the people pretty much have access to the temperature control to modify the room’s temperature control, so the heating plus cooling in the room is regularly fluctuating depending on who modified it last. With the room being much too hot, plus then too cold, plus constantly changing all of the time, I find it strenuous to concentrate on my work. Instead I take my work into the bathroom… As unusual as it may seem, I find it to be a much more peaceful work environment to get things done! It’s quieter, less crowded, plus the a/c always remains consistent. Actually, the AC settings in the bathroom are totally perfect for my own personal tastes, making it an ideal work environment for me. The joke around the corporation is that the bathroom is basically my office now, which I seriously don’t mind at all since it’s sort of true. As long as I’m getting my work completed, nobody even cares, so I’m able to hide out in the bathroom’s comfortable AC as much as I want. It absolutely isn’t a traditional work environment whatsoever, but I prefer it just the way it is.

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