Things are going to be different

I grew up in a major city so I have never needed a car before.   I have always used the subway when I needed to get out of the city.  I plan on moving out of the city within the next month which means I’m definitely going to need a car.  My commute time to job will be around 30 minutes, which will be a big change for me. While I could bike it, the hot summer days would make it difficult.   I would honestly prefer to drive in a car that is cooled by an amazing air conditioning system on a hot day anyways. If I was able to enjoy my commute to work in an air conditioned car then that would mean that I would be able to show up to work looking presentable and refreshed instead or tired and sweaty. I don’t revel in the fact that I’ll need a motorcar because I’ve always enjoyed avoiding buying gas plus making insurance payments, but there’s just no way around it this time. On the flip side of the air conditioning I will enjoy having the cars heating system on the bitter cold snowy mornings.  I have been fortunate to no have needed a motorcar so far, but things are about to change. I know i will enjoy being out of the city, but that part is going to come with some downsides. I hope I enjoy my new house because I plan on being in it for years to come!


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