They made a lot of suggestions

On of the most exciting times in a young adults life is the day they move into their very first apartment.   When my son moved into his very first apartment he was completely in love with the place and thought it was perfect. My husband and I were on the fence about the apartment he had chosen because it was one of the those very large apartment complexes.  He was going to have a ton of neighbor that he either may get along great with or can’t stand. We knew this was something he was going to have to experience for himself, after all everyone’s first apartment ends in a horror story and we all survived. He insisted on signing a 12 month lease because it would save his $75 a month on his rent.   We knew right away that this was a terrible idea, but he was dead set on doing it. Within the first three months he was regretting his decision because he had noisy neighbors, trouble finding parking everyday when he came home, plus his apartment was hot all the time. Seeing as it was the dead of summer and he had no central cooling system, it only made sense that his seventh floor apartment would be hot. The two of us told him he was welcome to take the fan from his room and we even told him that he should purchase a few more fans to help make the apartment livable. Unfortunately the complex had a strict rule against any sort of portable A/C unit so he entirely had no choice but to just deal with it! It wasn’t long before he started making excuses to stay over at our home on the really hot nights.  We really hope that when his lease is up that he will look for a better apartment.

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