It’s freezing in here

We have waited for 8 long months for the cold temperatures to turn into warm summery temperatures.  It was starting to feel as though these warms temps would never come, but finally they have arrived.  Every year when the season change draws close we always end up skipping over spring. One of our things I look forward to is being able to do once the warmer weather arrives is to hang our laundry out on the line.  I think that sounds old fashioned but there is something about the smell of fresh laundry that has dried in the fresh air and sunshine. During the summer I rarely use my dryer. Last Thursday was supposed to be a hot day day so I planned on that being my laundry day.  I hung the clothes out thinking that they would be dry in an hour or so. When they were still wet, I went in to check the weather forecast. There was no rain in sight but the humidity was over seventy percent. With the humidity this high there was no way anything was going to dry.  I was still determined not to use my dryer to I hung makeshift clothes lines around my home, adjusted my HVAC system, turned on the dehumidifer and placed some fans around the house. My laundry was beginning to dry in the matter of minutes, I could not have been happier because now I have found a way to avoid using my dryer even in the winter!  As an added bonus I would also be saving a bundle on my energy bills!

temperature control system 

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