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Last night I was holding an extremely important company meeting, complete with supper in my home. I was not about to take any chances with anything going wrong so I hired a caterer for the occasion! If I can make this company deal, it would result in a big increase in income for my family. Honestly, I needed to make this deal happen. Just  the night before the big meeting, my family and I had somewhat of a small heating & A/C problem in our home. We were sleeping peacefully, when suddenly I woke up to an unquestionably warm home. I groggily got up and checked the thermostat to see what it read. The thermostat showed that the air handler was running, however the indoor temperature was reading a steamy 90 degrees! I could literally hear air coming out through the vents and even the ductwork, so I knew the air handler was in fact working. So I grabbed a flashlight and went out to check the other half of my heating & A/C system. I went outside to check on my relatively new condenser unit and sure enough, it was  unquestionably not working. I was certainly hoping for a simple heating & A/C repair. I know I have not had the capacitor replaced in quite a few years. I sure hope that was not the case! I knew at one time how to change the capacitor on my own, so it would save me a sizable amount of money that I would end up paying a heating & A/C specialist. So when the morning dawned, I asked my buddy to borrow his heating & A/C tools, and sure enough, it was the capacitor! We went over to the store to get another piece, plus soon, thereafter, he had my heating & A/C equipment repaired and working well.  Fortunately, my company dinner meeting was also a sizable success!

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