I have a commercial project

We found many things behind the walls that we hadn’t bargained for, when my partner and I began renovating our house.We ended up having to upgrade a lot of the electrics in the house, plus we also had a problem with some of the plumbing. We had all the Heating plus Air Conditioning mechanics on the main floor in a utility closet. We wanted to relocate the unit so that we could use that space on the main floor for something else. At first, when we had a trusted Heating plus Air Conditioning specialist come out, he said we would be able to keep the existing system, plus that we could just relocate it. The cost was okay for that, plus that’s exactly what we wanted anyway so we decided to do it.

               When the time came to take the Heating plus Air Conditioning out of the outdated spot, we got a call from our guy saying the plan was a lot more beat up than it had appeared originally, plus it hadn’t come out well… Therefore, we needed to do a full replace of the Heating plus Air Conditioning plan in the house. We didn’t plan on spending quite that much on this part of the project, but we saw it as an option to add central air conditioning to the house as well.

          We decided we’d go for the full deal since we had to spend extra money anyway. We replaced the plan to include A/C plus zone, plus humidity control, plus the normal heating system. It was the right decision. All those new features certainly made a big difference in how comfortable we felt in the house.  

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