I’m a natural born helper

I’m just someone who can’t survive separate from my friends and family, then as much as I’m an hermit and adore my me time, I genuinely can’t exist without humans all around me. No, it isn’t that I am dependant or am needy for attention all the time, that’s not the case whatsoever, but in fact, I am a natural born workmate.  I don’t think about where this drive came from, but since was a small child I have been obsessed with aiding the people around me in every way imaginable. I was the best cookie helper for momma, the left hand man of Grandpa when he tinkered with our family cars, and the diligent yarn winder for Grandma when she watched my siblings and I on weekends. As an adult, things have not changed a single bit. I genuinely acquire such joy from making myself useful to others around – I just won’t quit! Literally, because I was just fired! You see, I was a door to door meter reader for the past ten years. About a 6 months ago, I was checking someone’s energy meter when I realized their A/C component was making sputtering sounds. Naturally, I went over to examine the central cooling system that was directly behind  me, and soon found myself surrounded by all the A/C parts, spread across the lawn, but by the time I left, their A/C component was running like a dream. Well, it wasn’t long before I found another busted cooling system unit on my route. You can see where this is going right. Before long, I was repairing every broken HVAC system in city while I ran my energy meter routes! I loved the sense of accomplishment that I felt every time another cooling system powered back up. I also loved the rumors of the “HVAC Fairy” that spread through our whole town, then too bad my work didn’t love my extracurricular HVAC services… Last week my boss fired me for awful performance while reading energy meters.

heating unit 

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