Working inside the condo

Alright, I honestly have a serious problem with the condo flippers around the area I reside, but I realize that these houses are ideal for the concept; they’re cheap to buy plus have great bones to them, then the issue is simply that most of the properties in this part have not been worked on. The homes need a lot of love in order to be attractive plus modernized for this week’s standards, plus investors are more than ecstatic to take on that challenge. They blow through plus replace the floors, paint the ceilings, plus install granite in the bedrooms. They replace the bathrooms plus put in a few current ceiling fans. Then they call the condo fully replaced. The only thing is, no one ever seems to worry about installing a current Heating plus A/C system! Every condo I’ve seen has been charmingly replaced throughout, until you notice the ugly outdated temperature control on the wall with broken plastic plus an analog temperature control system. Then you find the oil furnace tucked away in the basement, which has essentially become a monster of rust covered in debri. I don’t even want to touch the outdated gas furnace, let alone try to locate and switch  the air filter out each week! Finally, both of us circle around the back of the condo plus seem to forever find an A/C equipment that is overgrown with moss plus subjected to weather disfigurement. I can’t even begin to imagine what the air ducts are hiding within the house, or how long these Heating plus A/C systems went without routine repair, then all in all, I’m just insulted by these realtors trying to sucker unknowing customers a shiny piece of garbage.

A/C filter 

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