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Recently, we’ve been so freaked out at our house, my fiance and I have been going through a lot of taxing times financially, socially, and romantically, and on top of that we’re desperately searching to buy our  first condo together as a couple. Sure, we’ve lived together for years now, but we’re exhausted of throwing our cash away into something we don’t own, and that’s why we’ve decided to make the scary leap and purchase a condo of our own! The only thing is, the property market is so ridiculously competitive around here that it’s utterly impossible to even check out a condo before it has been taken up by another buyer! Every one of us couldn’t seem to find exactly what every one of us desired, or to throw in a bid before the condo was gone. That is, until every one of us found the property of our dreams last week, and then found another property of our dreams … a single afternoon later. Suddenly every one of us had several amazing homes to choose between, and not enough time to decide! That’s when our important choice came right down to the installed HVAC system. You see, with all other benefits being equal, I decided every one of us should easily consider the state of affairs of the existing heating and cooling device at each location, however we knew that in the long run, the air temperature control device would be important in our continued indoor comfort and proper energy bills, to boot. Every one of us began looking at the age of the oil heating systems and a/cs, plus the quality of the thermostat system. Soon, every one of us were sticking our heads into HVAC vents and attempting to determine the cleanliness of internal air filters in each HVAC system; Well, it wasn’t long before every one of us found a major issue within the ventilation idea at the first property, and our decision was confidently made!

A/C filter 

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